Abomination CR-icon-Abomination
Associated God Charnel
Level 6
Type of Creature Artillery
Creature Classes Ground, Ranged
Number of Souls 3 BlueSoul
Creature Statistics
Health 1710
Mana 500
Damage 425
Range 120 m
Accuracy 500
Attack Speed 7.8 s
Movement Speed 6 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee -300%
Direct Ranged 0%
Splash Ranged -35%
Direct Spell 0%
Splash Spell 0%
Creature Abilities
Charnel's Stats
Area Attack
Line Attack
"Not even I can tell you the origin of Abominations, but it is clear they are a perversion of nature far beyond any need for improvement by myself. Tall and gruesome, the Abomination reaches into its own body, pulling forth a quivering mass of corrosive blood and intestine (I think) for use in long-range bombardment. It is no wonder they are not very accurate, but that is of little consequence. Their projectiles splatter on impact, affecting a wide area and, while in the air, trail deadly drippings of corrosive blood. It's poetry, I tell you." – The Manual, The Book of Charnel

Abomination is Charnel's level 6 creature.

Creature InformationEdit


"Abominations are very nasty. Their projectiles do a lot of damage at long range and anything under their path is also hit." – Zyzyx, Desperate Measures (Charnel)

The creature is obtained along with Wailing Wall and in campaign is received in Charnel's sixth mission. It shares its unit model with Mutant.


Abominations are a race of intelligent beings with unclear heritage. Although similar in appearance to Mutants, the two have no connections whatsoever. They fall into the category of Charnel's pestilent Minions.

Since they have no specified home, they are presumed to be spread out all over Stygia.


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Movement OrdersEdit

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Attack OrdersEdit

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  • Would you stop that?
  • I'm really not in the mood.
  • My stomach...
  • I think it's something I ate.
  • <burp>
  • Oh, gonna have to lay off the peasants for a while...


Abilities and TacticsEdit

General InformationEdit

Special and Passive AbilitiesEdit

Passive Abilities: Regenerates life when attacking. Thrown blood and intestine damages all enemies between itself and the assigned target. When its thrown intestines strike the final target, all enemy units in the surrounding area will take damage.



Creatures in Sacrifice
Creatures CC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
Faithful PE-c PE-1m PE-1r PE-1f PE-2 PE-3 PE-4 PE-5 PE-6 PE-7 PE-9
Yeomen JA-c JA-1m JA-1r JA-1f JA-2 JA-3 JA-4 JA-5 JA-6 JA-7 JA-9
Servants ST-c ST-1m ST-1r ST-1f ST-2 ST-3 ST-4 ST-5 ST-6 ST-7 ST-9
Proles PY-c PY-1m PY-1r PY-1f PY-2 PY-3 PY-4 PY-5 PY-6 PY-7 PY-9
Minions CH-c CH-1m CH-1r CH-1f CH-2 CH-3 CH-4 CH-5 CH-6 CH-7 CH-9

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