TM-Alain Maindron 01

Sketch of Alain

TM-Alain Maindron 03

A drink, anyone?

Alain Maindron was a part of the Sacrifice Team and the Animator in charge of Additional Animation for Sacrifice.

About HimselfEdit

I come from traditional animation, (10 years of pen and paper), French at that. I started in the business of computer games by creating the art and anims for ECSTATICA, a pc game.

After that I stayed a while at Argonaut in England and moved to California to work on WILD NINES for Shiny.

Next, I animated and created the characters for SPYRO THE DRAGON a playstation games for Universal and then, guess what? I free lance for Shiny doing animation on SACRIFICE.

What else? Well, geeks give me the creeks. Sorry, I must say that again: Fucking geeks piss me off so don't bother me with computer talk, star treck, the x-files, Jar Jar, your DCR, your plan for the future, and your sound system. But you can buy me a drink.

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