Basilisk CR-icon-Basilisk
Associated God James
Level 2
Type of Creature Bug
Creature Classes Ground, Ranged
Number of Souls 2 BlueSoul
Creature Statistics
Health 1680
Mana 325
Damage None
Accuracy 400
Attack Speed 8.6 s
Movement Speed 6.75 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee -300%
Direct Ranged 0%
Splash Ranged 0%
Direct Spell 0%
Splash Spell 0%
Creature Abilities
James' Stats
Petrifying Attack
"The fearsome legends you prolly heard about Basilisks are greatly exaggerated. They are creatures of middling size and no great physical attributes or mental acuities. But you can’t blame folks for not checking ‘em over too closely, cause it is true that they can turn a body to stone with a single gaze. The transformation is only temporary, mind you, but that don’t bother the Basilisk. He can always do it again." – The Manual, The Book of James

Basilisk is James' level 2 creature.

Creature InformationEdit


"The gaze of the Basilisk can temporarily turn enemies to stone." – Zyzyx, The Prophecy (James)

The creature is obtained along with Skin of Stone and in campaign is received in James' second mission.

Name EtymologyEdit

Basilisks are named after a legendary animal.


Basilisks are a species of insects known for their paralyzing gaze. A few legends were inspired by them, mostly embellishing their fearsomeness.

Since they have no specified home, they are presumed to be spread out all over Glebe.


As an insect, Basilisk's taunts are mostly consisted of buzzing and droning.

Abilities and TacticsEdit

General InformationEdit

Special and Passive AbilitiesEdit

Passive Abilities: Attack turns enemy units to stone, rendering them immobile and useless for a limited time. However, a side effect is that petrified enemy units are harder to damage.



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