Blood Omen

BLOOD OMEN: Can be casted upon any single target opponent, the hellmouth will then proceed to seek out the target and begin to stare into his soul with a horrifying gaze that will give the target the chills, so that his movement speed will rapidly decline almost like freezing him in place so that he can no longer escape the sight of the creature. As a downside the hellmouth will not be able to attack nor defend itself from enemy attacks, unless stunned out of casting this ability. Note that the mana of both the target and caster will begin to rapidly decline. With 3% mana per every 0.5 seconds, To a maximum of 45% mana at full duration of 7.5 seconds.

This does not work on shielded targets, and the hellmouth must be directly positioned nearby the target in order for this to be casted, walking out of the cast range is easily done unless already stationized somehow.

DUR: 7.5 sec.

CD: 40 sec.

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