Like most video games, Sacrifice has cheats which, while not condoned, can be used to test segments of the game or simply to have fun with.

While playing the game, simultaneously press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + "~". Console will be brought up and green text will appear on the screen. Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Results Cheat Codes
Invincibility for the wizard @ yourbulletscannotharmme
Invincibility for the wizard @ mywingsarelikeashieldofsteel
Full Health @ bythepowerofgrayskull
Full Mana @ ihavethepower
32 souls @ dontfearthereaper
Wizard can collect red souls @ castratetheheathens
Reset spell cooldown @ timeisonmyside
Level 9 with all spells and creatures @ ragebuilding
Wizard obtains indicated spell @ gimmegimmegimme [spell name]
Summon the indicated creature @ alliwantforxmasisa [creature name]
Summon four of indicated creature @ aplethoraof [creature name]


  • The space between "@" and the remainder of the code is mandatory
  • The links in the table under the column "Cheat Codes" are to the references these cheats make

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