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Sketch of Eric

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The Level Architect

Eric Flannum was a part of the Sacrifice Team and the Lead Level Designer (or Level Architect) for Sacrifice.

While he is only credited for making the map for Credits, he was responsible for overseeing the level design in general.

About HimselfEdit

TM-Eric Flannum 02

Picture of Eric Flannum

One of the new guys on the Sacrifice team, I started out working at Software etc. and selling as many copies of Myst as possible (That's right blame me.)

From there I got lucky and landed a job at Blizzard. While at Blizzard I did art and level design (in varying degrees) for Warcraft II, Pax Imperia II, Diablo, and Starcraft. Growing restless, I left Blizzard with a group of friends to help found Fugitive studios. After being at Fugitive for a year I decided to join the Sacrifice team, and make Dan's life as difficult as possible.

In my spare time I play every game I can get my hands on, be it computer, console, paper and pencil RPG, CCG, or miniatures battle games.

Despite all of this I still find myself going to a few old standbys: X-com, Master of Magic, and Team Fortress on the computer, Master of Monsters for the genesis, and Contra for the Snes.

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