"Fire. The words do not exist to describe the beauty and the power of fire. Pyro would invent words to do the job, but this is unnecessary. Fire is already the best form of its own expression. Why be a poet of words, when you can be a poet of fire? That is what Pyro says. And that is why you will want to be a sorcerer, an artist with the flame." – The Manual, The Book of Pyro

Sorcery is an overall name for all of Pyro's spells. Its practitioners are called Sorcerers.

In the campaign there are several known Sorcerers:

  • Buta – Pyro's most loyal and ruthless of Sorcerers, also his de facto champion.
  • Sorcha – The Empress of Pyroborea, a Sorceress and Pyro's, only de jure, champion (due to her wavering loyalties).
  • Hachimen – A mercenary wizard who specializes in Sorcery.
  • Eldred – If the campaign is played out serving Pyro he too can become a Sorcerer.

List of SpellsEdit

SP-tab-Pyro Creation Spells

Pyro's creation tab

The list of spells is composed of three types of spells: the spells used to summon the Proles, the actual wizard spells granted by Pyro and the spells that every god's wizard needs to have to function.

Every God's SpellsEdit

Creation SpellsEdit

Wizard SpellsEdit

Comparison of Wizard Spells Exclusive to PyroEdit

Instruction VideoEdit

Sacrifice Tutorials Pyro Spells06:13

Sacrifice Tutorials Pyro Spells

Wizard Spells in Sacrifice
Spells 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 U
Mysticism PE-1 PE-2 PE-3 PE-4 PE-5 PE-6 PE-7 PE-8 PE-U
Geomancy JA-1 JA-2 JA-3 JA-4 JA-5 JA-6 JA-7 JA-8 JA-U
Elementalism ST-1 ST-2 ST-3 ST-4 ST-5 ST-6 ST-7 ST-8 ST-U
Sorcery PY-1 PY-2 PY-3 PY-4 PY-5 PY-6 PY-7 PY-8 PY-U
Necromancy CH-1 CH-2 CH-3 CH-4 CH-5 CH-6 CH-7 CH-8 CH-U
Creation Spells in Sacrifice
Creation Spells 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
Persephone PE-1m PE-1r PE-1f PE-2 PE-3 PE-4 PE-5 PE-6 PE-7 PE-9
James JA-1m JA-1r JA-1f JA-2 JA-3 JA-4 JA-5 JA-6 JA-7 JA-9
Stratos ST-1m ST-1r ST-1f ST-2 ST-3 ST-4 ST-5 ST-6 ST-7 ST-9
Pyro PY-1m PY-1r PY-1f PY-2 PY-3 PY-4 PY-5 PY-6 PY-7 PY-9
Charnel CH-1m CH-1r CH-1f CH-2 CH-3 CH-4 CH-5 CH-6 CH-7 CH-9
Every God's Spells in Sacrifice
Wizard Spells Manahoar Speed Up Heal
Structure Spells Convert Manalith Guardian
Desecrate Shrine Teleport

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