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Soul Wind SP-icon-Soul Wind
Associated God Stratos
Level 5
Type of Spell Blue Soul
Casting Mode Mobile
Mana Cost 500
Damage 400+Stun
Area of Effect Small
Spell Duration 10 s
Casting Time 4 s
Cooldown Time 5 s
"Even the best of wizards has a creature die every now and again. This is especially true of Elementalists, whose servants are often quite swift but admittedly less hardy than some others’. When the souls of your fallen creatures litter a still-active battlefield, you may use Soul Wind to reclaim them without putting yourself in harm’s way." – The Manual, The Book of Stratos

Soul Wind is Stratos' level 5 spell.

Spell SummaryEdit

"Mini-tornado that fetches and brings a blue soul back to you. While seeking the soul out, it shoots lightning at enemies. A soul possessed by the Soul Wind is up for grabs by anyone, so be cautious of people attempting to steal!" – The Manual, The Book of Stratos

Similarly to the Soul Mole, this spell conjures a miniature whirlwind that retrieves some blue souls, either from a corpse or just floating free. As it travels to the souls and back, it will hit all enemy creatures (and only enemies) with lightning, stunning and damaging them.

The spell is obtained along with Seraph and in campaign is received in Stratos's 5th mission.


Possible Targets for the spell Soul Wind
Enemy Creatures Neutral Creatures Friendly Creatures Your own Creatures
Enemy Wizards Neutral Wizards Friendly Wizards Yourself
Enemy Structures Neutral Structures Friendly Structures Your own Structures
Ground Flying Creatures Blue Souls Red Souls

Tactical UsesEdit

Soul Wind is a surprisingly versatile spell used for both collecting souls at a distance and dealing damage, and interrupting spellcasting.

  • Binding a key to dropping a soul is useful - dropping a soul means you can utilize the Soul Wind spell anywhere, as long as you have one soul.
  • Soul Wind deals damage, you can drop a soul and cast Soul Wind to damage enemy units.
  • The further the soul, the more time Soul Wind has time to damage foes, however - when a soul is picked up by Soul Wind - it is blue for everybody, meaning enemy wizards can retrieve your souls instantly. Because of this, it isn't recommended to use Soul Wind on high soul count creatures, like Titans.
  • Using Soul Wind, you can knock down and interrupt a Wizard casting a spell.
  • Soul Wind can be used to retrieve souls in an enemy's area at a safe distance, while also damaging the foe and keeping the soul safe.

Related SpellsEdit

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