Faced with the enormity of what lay ahead, I prayed for guidance once again.Eldred


With Charnel gone, Persephone now turns her attention to Charnel's remnant creatures, the Hellmouths, who are located at the Crossroads of Abaddon. She fears that they may join Pyro or Marduk, and orders you to go to Abaddon to slay them.

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James and his ally Persephone discuss Pyro's defeat. They try to find out where Marduk could be hiding. James claims that his followers haven't found him in Stygia, but have found Mithras imprisoned in the Crossroads of Abaddon. He believes that the seer may know something about Marduk's whereabouts and sends you to free him.

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Persephone complains that she has lost contact with her followers in Arborea and Stratos volunteers to send his protégé Sara Bella to find out the cause of this anomaly. Unbeknownst to her, the reason for this is the fact that you had slain Shakti with Sara Bella's help. Stratos now tells you to press your advantage and strike at Idylliac, Persephone's home island, before the goddess realizes what's wrong.

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Having just defeated James, Pyro wastes no time in attacking his next enemy: Persephone. He sends you to Arborea to open up a path to Idylliac.

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Although James doesn't trust Charnel, he is temporarily out of the picture as an enemy. While Stratos executes his secret plan to backstab Persephone, Charnel uses this respite to deal with his out of control erstwhile ally, Pyro. You must go to Helios and finish the fiery god off once and for all.

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